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Looking for a commercial programmable thermostat for your restaurant or food market?

Schindler Technologies, Inc is a distributor & wholesaler of AKO commercial programmable thermostats for refrigerators and freezers. We work with technicians in the industry of commercial programmable thermostats and offer special pricing. The AKO universal thermostats are top quality thermostats made by AKOSYS, a European manufacturer of control systems for industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and walk in cooler systems.

At Schindler Technologies, we carry a wide range of AKOSYS controllers for managing various applications using commercial programmable thermostats. AKO thermostats consist of control algorithms designed to achieve greater energy efficiency and to allow synchronized joint operation. It has intelligent menus and easy browsing for quicker and more intuitive configuration. Key shortcuts provide direct access to the most common functions to speed up the most usual operations. Preventive maintenance is assured by storing HACCP and installation status information in memory.


AKO commercial programmable thermostats ensure reliable and very efficient temperature control. Because of its high temperature accuracy, the system will work and shut down only in exact desired temperature. With this system the compressor will not work more than it needs, and the ice will not block the air, resolution in huge electricity consumption.

Giving Restaurant Gift Cards as Presents

One of the best ways to impress business associates or family and friends with a gift is to give personalized restaurant gift cards. Nothing can better garner the attention of the recipient to the special effort placed on a gift, when it comes complete with a photo, artwork, or message designed exclusively for them.


The imaginative person can fully extract all the benefits from ‘a personal touch’ when trying to make a statement. A husband or boyfriend, suffering the results from a past argument, can score serious points by covering the card with a lady’s favorite pet picture and a sad commentary, asking herself to buy something special with the restaurant gift card. Remembering the boss’s birthday or anniversary with a card to a favorite restaurant or even for a bakery, could gain ‘brownie points’ throughout one’s employment. And of course there is the holiday gift for the uncle or grandfather who has everything but a picture of the kids and a “Happy Whatever” underneath it.

Birthdays and special occasions warrant a gift. Most people are hard to buy for and usually they never get anything close to what they need or want. A gift card designed with pertinent information, clearly identifies the giver, who will not be lost in the pile of forgettable gifts.

Cannabis Cocktails by Modern Martini Rx has launched a unique cannabis beverage that’s one of a kind in the cannabis market

Despite Cannabis being a controversial plant in many of the countries the Cannabis market is taking a boom like never before.

Modern Martini Rx has also taken one step forward into the emerging market of Cannabis by introducing one of its kind Cannabis martini which is promised to offer a refreshing taste like never before.

With medicinal marijuana making its prominent place in the market, the cannabis distributor, The California Cannabis Club, Inc has thought of this innovative idea to come up with a Martini containing the extracts of raw marijuana. Moreover, the product does not contain any alcohol content.


A lot of researches have suggested that Cannabis plant has a lot of medicinal properties. The compounds in the Cannabis plant help in destressing, inducing better thinking power and surprisingly some of the researches have also claimed that the Cannabis plant can be highly effective to cure many illnesses. The blended, premium quality single serve Cannabis Martini is assured to have a unique taste and exotic fragrance without any harmful effects of alcohol.

The Cannabis cocktail is developed by California Cannabis Club, a leading cannabis distributor in California. The product contains the finest quality of Cannabis oil (100 milligrams per bottle) mixed into unique Martini and comes in a patented design sleek container with tamper evident seal.

The Martini is claimed to be delicious yet potent and also the first Cannabis cocktail to be launched in the market today. This high quality, convenient and environmently friendly Martini product surely has the potential to revolutionize the booming Cannabis Industry.

The recipe of the Cannabis Cocktail was finalized after testing hundreds of recipes and choosing the best ones out of it. The product has already created quite a buzz in the market with people especially the Martini lovers eagerly waiting for the product, which has launched in the state of California with seven unique flavors.

The ready to drink Martini is recommended to be served chilled after pouring the Cannabis contents into a the Martini glass for an instant delight. The product which comes in four pack,12-pack and 24 case pack variants is all set to be launched and all the Martini lovers across the world with its reviveing and unique flavor will soon be the future of all martinis cocktails.

Custom Cake Designs And Ideas For Events

There are various custom birthday cake and wedding cake designs that have been coming into interest this year. By mixing and applying the plans in this article you can be able to make an extraordinary, stunning and paramount cake for whatever event you are planning. With such a considerable number of choices and more to look over, it just takes some creative energy to make a cake that is incredible.

Metallic looks are often used broadly. They can show up with a mix of metal tints like silver and gold, or another shading like rose gold. Metallic sparkle and a gold trimming can bring in a stunning look to a design.


Flowers can be a part of any event, yet they are not restricted to simply being a part of the background design. With their warm and fragile appearance, hand painted blooms on cakes are ideal for a warm atmosphere through spring and summer. You can add light shades that get attention, or metallic shaded that can bring out more shine, or darker tones like a dim blue can look much all the more striking. The arrangement of the painted flowers themselves does not need to be sorted out in a normal round shape. According to Decadent Desserts Toronto, really even a plain cake can be upgraded by using lopsided and distinctive arrangements. While attempting this, consider using assorted blooms as a touch of your outline. They can go far in unique cakes.

A style of cake coming into more popularity lately is one where the icing layer is either basically or totally taken away on the sides. These are known as “naked cakes” and have an excellent and unmistakable look when seen in contrast with other cake designs. A further assortment is a half dressed cake, which has a mix of the measure of icing utilized on the layers. This look fits especially well with cake with caramel or chocolate dribbled on it or with noticeable fixings. It can be implemented with a floral design for considerably more choices from this alternative. It is still adequately flexible to fit with even a themed event.

Any event can have a theme running through the design that pulls everything together. Utilizing things like life milestones or interests as subjects can make a theme that fits the individual event. Remember to make the subject and format of the event parallel in the cake design. If you would rather a more clashing design, you can try that too. The decision is yours. The outline decisions above can likewise be added here.

Rather than a lone big cake, having a table of appealing little snacks and treats is another possible system. A lone cake, or assembling of cakes, can appear close-by little treats and baked goods like cupcakes. These offer your guests a number of decisions, while similarly including varying qualities to your general setup. The arrangement of the treats at the table itself can a part of the structure. Using an asymmetrical layout can make unique looks, or a more composed design can be utilized with an event plan and cake design to make dazzling looks.

Brought to you by Birthday Cakes Toronto

Have you seen this ultra delicious hot dog from The Hotdogjudge?

Well, the primary secret is those divine bacon-wrapped hot dog buns – and here’s how you make them!

You need 4-5 slices of bacon for each bun. The number of slices of bacon can vary depending on the bread size and the size of the bacon slices themselves. What’s important is that the bun is wrapped 100% as any exposed bread otherwise will get charred in your oven.


Place the buns in a tray in your oven, pre-heated to 220˚C / 430˚F and keep an eye on them. In most ovens nothing happens the first 10 minutes, and then it escalates quickly. In a normal oven like mine it’ll take around 15 minutes to finish 8 breads. For more buns in one go the time increases, but what’s important here, is that you yank them out when they’re golden brown – before they char!


You’ll notice there’s very little fat in the pan – that’s because the bun has sucked almost all of it from the bacon, creating a hotdog bun that almost has a donut texture – and obviously tastes of bacon. Divine. As they’re damn hot straight out of the oven, they need to rest before you can use them. It works excellent to store them in the fridge overnight and reheat them at half the cooking temperature.

And here’s the full recipe on the rest of this crazy good hot dog:

How to Store Coffee

For any coffee lover keeping your coffee beans fresh is a must. Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than a stale tasting cup of joe after you have put all of the legwork into grinding and weighing your coffee beans prior to preparation. You could be using one of the best coffee makers of 2016 but if your beans aren’t fresh and up to scratch none of these top rated coffee machines will help you.

Keeping your coffee beans fresher for longer isn’t difficult as long as you use an airtight container you can keep coffee fresh for months. Some coffee drinkers also say that by keeping your coffee in the freezer you can prolong the life of the beans even more, but I’m not convinced. If you store your coffee beans in the fridge you are exposing the beans to unwanted moisture, this moisture can actually help to bread spores and mold on your coffee beans, so I recommend NOT keeping your coffee in the fridge or the freezer, unless bitter tasting coffee is your thing? Simply storing your coffee in an airtight container is all you need to do.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Coffee


  • Always try and buy freshly whole beans not coffee grounds (it will keep fresher for longer).
  • When storing your coffee store in small portions.
  • Keep your coffee stored in a dark place, the back of a cupboard is perfect!


  • Keep your coffee beans away from heat, moisture and humidity.
  • Don’t try and store your beans for years, up to 4 weeks should be the limit ideally.
  • Never keep your coffee in the fridge or freezer.

For most coffee drinkers getting through a pound or more of coffee in under two weeks shouldn’t be a problem so strong your coffee in an airtight container or even in the bag the coffee comes in using a clothes peg to seal the bag should be more than enough to keep you coffee fresh for up to 4 weeks.

Three Thai Foods You Must Try When You Go to Thailand

One of the most amazing things about Thailand is the cuisine. Thai food has become really popular all over the world and once you’ve tried it it’s easy to see why. When you get to Thailand you’ll soon realise exactly how much food is on offer, all day and all through the night! If you’ve only got a limited amount of time there then these are 3 food that you really must try.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai is the most popular noodle dish in Thailand. It’s made using rice noodles and you can find it just about everywhere. One thing to bear in mind though is that traditional Pad Thai in Thailand is served without any seasoning. You add the seasoning yourself which is usually white vinegar, sugar and ground chilli (if you like it hot).


Green Curry
Thai green curry is probably one of the most famous curries in the world. Made using coconut milk and curry paste and served with Jasmine rice, it’s usually very hot. This is because the green colour comes from Thai bird’s eye chillies which are in the curry paste. You can usually tell how hot your curry is going to be by how green it is! If you only try one curry in Thailand, make sure it’s a green curry.

Mango and Sticky Rice
As far as Thai desserts go, you can’t beat mango and sticky rice. Thai mangos are among the sweetest and most succulent that you can find anywhere in the world. When they are served with sticky rice and then covered in coconut sauce, you have one of the most incredible desserts you will ever taste.

There are so many different types of food to try in Thailand and these 3 are only just the beginning. You would literally have to spend years there to get the true taste of Thailand. Luckily there are lots of great Thai restaurants in every country around the world so you can enjoy Thai food just about everywhere these days.

Hens Night Events in Melbourne

Hens night is a perfect event to bond with your friends. How should you celebrate a hens night? There’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to holding a hens party. Whether it’s a quiet event where you chat with good friends or an adventurous activity like horse races, the hens party should be fun.

Consider the location of the event. Central destination is always a good idea so that there are no confusions or issues about transport or directions. Think about the type of hen you’re arranging the event for. There’s no point in arranging a party if you know the hen will be uncomfortable throughout the night. You also need to make a list of your guests and ask for their confirmation. You can send the invitations via email to make everything easier for you and confirm the attendance of your guests in a timely manner.

It’s usually a good idea to hold the hens party a few weeks before the wedding as it gives the bride-to-be some time to have fun and relax before her special day. Holding the event the night before the wedding isn’t recommended. If one of your friends is going to organize the event, make sure to pick the most organized one.

Hens are more controlling, sensitive and demanding today. There are various ways to make the event successful and fun without picking a fight or aggravating your companions. Depending on the selected location, you can play games, drink and dance, enjoy fine dining, sing or just relax.

How to Clean And Descale Kureg Coffee Machine

Cleaning and descaling your Kureg Coffee Machine goes a long way in ensuring that you are not getting short cups and off tasting coffee. This also ensures that the coffee machine remains in great shape for longer. The frequency of descaling and cleaning depends on several factors such as how hard the water you are using is and how often the coffee machine is used. Follow these steps on how to clean and descale Kureg coffee machine.

1. Open the top side of the coffee brewing machine and pull out the K cup holder. You need to exercise care and diligence while doing this as there are two sharp needles. You will find the cup holder being dishwasher safe, so you can insert it in water if you want. A rinse under warn water can do quite well.

2. Turn the cup-holder over, but check to ensure that there is no obstruction on the holes situated on the bottom.

3. You will find the drip tray to be removable, so give it a thorough clean in the dishwasher or by hand.

4. The upper part of the K-cup holder has a needle with three holes in it. Straighten up a paper and insert inside all these holes to remove obstructions and unnecessary buildup. Since there is nothing that can break with ease here, you should use some force to wiggle the paper around and get all the dirt out. Repeat this several times until when you are done with all the three holes.

5. Use a dampened cloth to wipe some coffee grinds or stains that may have settled around the cup-holder area and just below the front part of the coffee maker. However, you should be careful when wiping it down because there are needles inside.

6. Return the K-cup holder-back into the original chamber. Ensure that it fits perfectly well by ensuring that the arrows at the top-part are well aligned.

7. Drain away water that is in the coffee maker’s external reservoir.

8. Refill the coffee make’s brewer with white vinegar and replace it on your brewer.

9. Run up to four empty brew cycles, but ensure that you don’t use any cup. After each round, you should throw away the vinegar. This ensures that the vinegar is pushed via the valves that are inside and through the inside-heating tank.

10. Leave the brewer standing upwards and powered for four hours. This makes it possible for the vinegar to build up inside the tubes and in the valves.

Organic Medjool Dates

Dates are already used a long time ago as quick snack or sweetener or could even be a meal for some. They are considered to be free of cholesterol and very low in fat as well. Along with that, dates are as well considered to be energy boosters perfect as snack for those who are totally health-conscious. Dates are as well rich in different vitamins and some other helpful nutrients. And there are numbers of other benefits that dates could provide. One of the most popular dates that are considered by many these days are the organic Medjool dates.

Organic Medjool Dates are grown having no chemicals or pesticides used at all. They are carefully cultivated and are being certified by the USDA. They are as well considered as Paleo, vegan and also NON-GMO friendly dates. You could expect to have a succulent and moist date being packed with fiber healthy for the heart as well. Since it is organic, you are guaranteed to be safe as well if you are to consider these dates. You will never have to worry about any bad effects that it could provide you.


Medjool dates are as well referred as the king of dates due to the fact that they are being regarded highly in North Africa and Middle East wherein they originated. From among the varieties of dates, this one is considered to be soft while others are either semi-dry or dry based on the taste and texture. But still, Medjool dates are health and nutritious having numbers of great benefits.

Some of the benefits that Organic Medjool Dates could provide might include the following:

  • Wide numbers of nutrients

  • Source of potassium

  • Rich in copper

  • Rich in fiber

  • Healthy snack

  • Blood pressure regulation

  • Offers satiety

  • Energy powerhouse

  • Anti-oxidant properties

  • Combats arteriosclerosis

And if you are looking for the best organic Medjool dates, the best option to consider would be Whole Fresh Dates. This provider will definitely ensure you of highest quality products that are available online. There will be purchasing options considered and affordability of the products is as well guaranteed. With them, you will have the best Medjool dates that will also lead you to experience the best benefits that fruit dates could definitely provide. There is no doubt that Whole Fresh Dates is indeed the best choice when it comes to dates and when you want to shop with both security and confidence.

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