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Shakeology is a sweet, creamy and milky beverage that has a distinct flavored taste. Shakeology is a food produce that is manaufactured by BeachBody LLC. According to its makers, shakeology is a super-food powder mix packed with protein that serves as a meal replacement. It contains nutrients that helps in building muscles and supports healthy hair, skin and nails, it also supports healthy blood sugar and energy levels.

Shakeology contains products from different soucres, it is made from the combination of a wide range of ingredients and contains roots, seeds, berries, fruits, leafs and flavors. It is made from extracts of a variety of food that includes: brown rice protein, coconut flower nectar, konjac, beet juice powder, banana, blueberry, kamut grass juice, oat grass juice, spinach, ginkgo, citric acid, luo han guo, goji berry, chlorella, apple pectin, pea protein, stevia, natural sweetener, natural flavours, tapioca, wheat grass juice, tulsi, schisandra, rose hips, reishi mushroom, papaya, citrus bioflavonoids, green tea, barley grass juice, lactobacillus sporogenes, pineapple, himalayan salt, maitake mushroom, enzyme blend, cordyceps, ashwangandha root, pea fiber, cinnamon powder, acai, camu-camu, moringa, bilberry, flax, maca root, yacon root, chia, strawberry, astragalus root, acerola cherry, sacha inchi, pomegranate, MSM, spirulina, amaranth and quinea.

After different parts of all these foods are obtained, it is all processed into powdery form that is called Shakeology. It is an energizing diet that promotes healthy body when consumed.

Preparing shakeology into an edible form is an easy task. All that needs to be done is just to scoop the required amount into a bowl and mix with milk and water. Check other useful information about diet review.

Shakeology is available in seven different flavors; they include chocolate, vegan chocolate, greenberry, vanilla, tropical, cafe latte and strawberry. Shakeology comes in a variety of flavors and it makes it fantastic so people can have preference.

Are you as strong as you can be?

What if you were missing critical fix that would make you instantly stronger?

I am guessing that you, like most readers of this blog, put a lot of effort into making your body as strong as it can be. The truth is that unless you are addressing this one thing, you can never achieve this goal.

There is something making you weaker. It is invisible and exists everywhere you go. Protecting against it will, therefore, instantly make you stronger There is a simple strength / balance test you can do to prove it for yourself with no special equipment needed.

Some of you will have guessed that this is EMF (Electo-Magnetic Fields) or the electrical radiation coming off our gadgets and the related signals and power supplies.

Collectively we are moving out of the denial phase on this subject as more and more research is published relating over-exposure to electrical radiation and a range of health conditions including various forms of cancer.

If you have ever felt tiredness, irritability, and headaches after a long spell at the computer or are having difficulty sleeping – chances are you are experiencing mild symptoms of EMF exposure. This exposure will make you weaker and acts as a permanent stressor on the body.

The Dangerous Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Feeling down lately? Have you gained weight despite eating healthy? What about your sex life? Low libido, weight gain, fatigue, tiredness, and low energy may indicate low testosterone. The male hormone plays a key role in overall health. It has a direct impact on your energy, metabolism, and sexual desire.

As you age, your testosterone levels decrease. Daily stress, poor nutrition, and certain drugs will only make things worse. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your testosterone levels and get your life back on track.

Chemical Structure of Testosterone.

Chemical Structure of Testosterone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Low Testosterone Could Kill You

Testosterone levels reach their peak around age 18, and go down starting with age 30. However, aging isn’t the only factor that affects testosterone production. Other possible causes of low testosterone include stress, moderate alcohol consumption, estrogen-contaminated drinking water, hormones in meat, and certain diseases. A diet high in sugar can reduce insulin sensitivity, which suppresses testosterone production.

According to health experts, low testosterone in men is often the culprit behind depression, low libido, obesity, and muscle loss. This hormone influences every aspect of your life, from personal relationships to social behavior and longevity. Men with low testosterone may experience low sex drive, low semen volume, difficulty achieving erections, hair loss, weakness, enlarged breasts, and decreased bone mass. Mood swings are a common problem too.

5 unusual benefits of using protein powders

Protein powders have been a staple in many bodybuilding and sports diet all over the world since a couple of decades now. There are abundant brands of protein with numerous flavors and qualities that suit people’s need. But many a times we go on ignoring the many benefits that protein powders generate other than the ones visible through our pumped up muscles and buff physique. BSN Syntha 6 by BSN is one such product which is an ultra-pure protein that generates benefits both inside and out of the gym. BSN supplements including Syntha 6 have been known to produce fast paced results and hence have been used by athletes and bodybuilders all over the world. We explore all the unmentioned benefits of taking Syntha 6 that nobody tells you so that you have even more reasons to use your favorite protein powder.

  1. Suppresses hunger and calorie intake

Protein has been known to promote satiety and helps keep you full for a long time. This means that your hunger is suppressed and you consume less calories as a result. All of this translates into lesser calories and eventually lower body fat. BSN Syntha 6 packs a whopping 22 grams of protein per scoop meaning that apart from providing you the necessary burst of protein, they also help satiate your hunger and control your appetite. Combine Syntha 6 with other BSN supplements to get the results you have been wanting.

Nootropics: Different Types for Brain Health

As much as everyone wants to have something to use to pass the most difficult test without the pressure of studying, memorizing, and learning the lessons, this is not what nootropics is all about. You will never find a pill that you can take and expect to pass a test without exerting efforts in studying. The nootropics are supplements for the brain. It is not magic that will turn you into a geek in an instant. By doing your part to study, learn, and understand your lessons, the nootropics will also help increase your cognitive abilities so you would easily understand and remember what you are studying.

Different Types of Nootropics

For people who are considering the benefits of the nootropics, it will be helpful if you will understand and know the different types of nootropics already available in the market today.

Nurse Assistant Training

Although it is rarely considered interesting, studying a profession in the field of healthcare can be rewarding and fulfilling to an insightful and sensitive person with a capacity for caring.

Earning a degree as a certified nurse with CNA Now is the fastest means to gain entry into the health field and there are many options to acquire training to become a certified nursing assistant.

The usual path to obtaining a certification as a nursing assistant is either a general college or a local college. The course would run from between 4 to 12 weeks and prepares you for your final exam. This is a short time investment which will ultimately yield a rewarding career.


Nursing assistants are such in high demand now that once their training has been completed, there are abundant of employment choices available to absorb them. Training for a certified nursing assistant can be undertaken while still employed elsewhere.

The successful completion of a training to become a certified nursing assistant does not necessarily mean the completion of one’s career in the health services profession. On the contrary, furthering your training by obtaining a certification is a part and parcel of your career path. For this reason, promotions in the healthcare profession are given to certified nursing assistants.

The requirements for the certified assistant training program are as follows: a GED or a diploma from high school is mandatory and you must be above the age of 18. Applicants with criminal records will be rejected. A tuberculosis test is also mandatory before entry into the training program.

The nursing assistant training program is divided into separate groups. These groups are lectures, clinical studies, and laboratory work. A test will be taken at the concluding part of the training and must be passed to be awarded the necessary certification.

Sinus tumor symptoms

Sinus tumor is a cancerous or benign tumor that appears in the sinuses. This tumor is incapable to spread to another part of the body. Usually, it is quite slow growing. Sometimes, there might be malignant sinus tumor symptoms, but they are rather rare. This type of tumor is often diagnosed late as early symptoms are similar to those that are specific for chronic and acute sinus infections.

Symptoms of sinus tumor

There are almost any symptoms that may indicate this disease. However, some symptoms that last for a long time may specify that a patient has a tumor in sinus cavity. Thus, tumor in sinus cavities symptoms may be identified by:

  •  Severe pain that appears in the nose, cheekbones, forehead, or around the ears or eyes;
  •  Double vision;
  •  Persistent nosebleeds;
  •  Decreased sense of taste and smell;
  •  Nasal congestion that does not disappear for a long time;
  •  Appearance of a growth in the nose, neck, or face;
  •  Post-nasal drip at the back of the throat;
  •  Decreased ability to hear;
  •  Experiencing difficulty opening the mouth;
  •  Eyes often become runny.

FDA Confiscates Miracle Weight-Loss Pill for Working Too Well

*Editor note, this blog post is intended as a satire piece to shed a bit of comic relief on miracle pills and too-good-to-be-true offers that plague the health and wellness industry*

A weight-loss pill that works so well, you don’t need to change your diet or exercise? Sounds too good to be true. At least, that is what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would seemingly like you to believe. Earlier this month, the FDA secretly confiscated all known pills and scientific work related to the weight-loss supplement, Trimtophan, after several extremely successful human trials.

Steps to lose weight

Supervised physical therapy may be helpful to ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I won’t promise you that following these steps will turn your body into Baywatch perfection, I can assure you that you will drop a few excess pounds in just a couple of weeks.
5. Sleep – Few people realize just how important sleep is to their physical and mental health. Some people stay up late even if they have to get up early in the morning. Not enough sleep will make your body panic and store fat as energy. However, sleeping all day like a pothead is not good for you either. Remember, bears hibernate, humans don’t. Unlike bears, humans don’t need to store fat during the winter (although we usually put on a few pounds during the holidays). Sleeping in excessive amounts will slow down your circulation and cause heart problems down the line. Even though you may like to sleep in on the weekends it is very important to stick to a normal sleep schedule throughout the week. Keeping on a regular schedule takes less toll on your body and allows you to sleep better. The better you sleep, the more energy you have on a daily basis to perform at your best. This also keeps you active and makes it easier to shed those pounds.

Healthy green vegetable snacks

日本語: 枝豆(米国イリノイ州シカゴのレストラン「Republic Pan-Asian Re...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the reasons I joined a CSA was to ensure that my kids had access to fresh organic vegetables. But I soon had a big problem on my hands; my kids were not overly enthusiastic about eating the green vegetables we now had in abundance. It is possible to make vegetables, even greens, appealing to kids. You just need to get creative. Here are three healthy green vegetable snacks kids will be eager to nosh.

Edamame Snacks
Edamame are immature soybeans still in the pod. Even though they are chock full of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients, my kids found it hard to get past the fact that they were green and resembled lima beans, which they hate. That is until they tried these tasty snacks. In a bowl, stir together two tablespoons of soy sauce, two teaspoons of toasted sesame seeds and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. Bring a large pot of water to boil over high heat. Add ten ounces of fresh edamame pods. This recipe will also work well using thawed frozen edamame pods. Boil pods for five minutes, then drain thoroughly. Do not overcook the edamame as you want them to have a bit of crunch to them. Add the beans to the soy sauce mixture, tossing to coat. Eat these healthy green snacks by peeling away the pod and popping the beans into your mouth. These taste great warm or served at room temperature.

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