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Looking for a commercial programmable thermostat for your restaurant or food market?

Schindler Technologies, Inc is a distributor & wholesaler of AKO commercial programmable thermostats for refrigerators and freezers. We work with technicians in the industry of commercial programmable thermostats and offer special pricing. The AKO universal thermostats are top quality thermostats made by AKOSYS, a European manufacturer of control systems for industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and walk in cooler systems.

At Schindler Technologies, we carry a wide range of AKOSYS controllers for managing various applications using commercial programmable thermostats. AKO thermostats consist of control algorithms designed to achieve greater energy efficiency and to allow synchronized joint operation. It has intelligent menus and easy browsing for quicker and more intuitive configuration. Key shortcuts provide direct access to the most common functions to speed up the most usual operations. Preventive maintenance is assured by storing HACCP and installation status information in memory.


AKO commercial programmable thermostats ensure reliable and very efficient temperature control. Because of its high temperature accuracy, the system will work and shut down only in exact desired temperature. With this system the compressor will not work more than it needs, and the ice will not block the air, resolution in huge electricity consumption.

Giving Restaurant Gift Cards as Presents

One of the best ways to impress business associates or family and friends with a gift is to give personalized restaurant gift cards. Nothing can better garner the attention of the recipient to the special effort placed on a gift, when it comes complete with a photo, artwork, or message designed exclusively for them.


The imaginative person can fully extract all the benefits from ‘a personal touch’ when trying to make a statement. A husband or boyfriend, suffering the results from a past argument, can score serious points by covering the card with a lady’s favorite pet picture and a sad commentary, asking herself to buy something special with the restaurant gift card. Remembering the boss’s birthday or anniversary with a card to a favorite restaurant or even for a bakery, could gain ‘brownie points’ throughout one’s employment. And of course there is the holiday gift for the uncle or grandfather who has everything but a picture of the kids and a “Happy Whatever” underneath it.

Birthdays and special occasions warrant a gift. Most people are hard to buy for and usually they never get anything close to what they need or want. A gift card designed with pertinent information, clearly identifies the giver, who will not be lost in the pile of forgettable gifts.

Cannabis Cocktails by Modern Martini Rx has launched a unique cannabis beverage that’s one of a kind in the cannabis market

Despite Cannabis being a controversial plant in many of the countries the Cannabis market is taking a boom like never before.

Modern Martini Rx has also taken one step forward into the emerging market of Cannabis by introducing one of its kind Cannabis martini which is promised to offer a refreshing taste like never before.

With medicinal marijuana making its prominent place in the market, the cannabis distributor, The California Cannabis Club, Inc has thought of this innovative idea to come up with a Martini containing the extracts of raw marijuana. Moreover, the product does not contain any alcohol content.


A lot of researches have suggested that Cannabis plant has a lot of medicinal properties. The compounds in the Cannabis plant help in destressing, inducing better thinking power and surprisingly some of the researches have also claimed that the Cannabis plant can be highly effective to cure many illnesses. The blended, premium quality single serve Cannabis Martini is assured to have a unique taste and exotic fragrance without any harmful effects of alcohol.

The Cannabis cocktail is developed by California Cannabis Club, a leading cannabis distributor in California. The product contains the finest quality of Cannabis oil (100 milligrams per bottle) mixed into unique Martini and comes in a patented design sleek container with tamper evident seal.

The Martini is claimed to be delicious yet potent and also the first Cannabis cocktail to be launched in the market today. This high quality, convenient and environmently friendly Martini product surely has the potential to revolutionize the booming Cannabis Industry.

The recipe of the Cannabis Cocktail was finalized after testing hundreds of recipes and choosing the best ones out of it. The product has already created quite a buzz in the market with people especially the Martini lovers eagerly waiting for the product, which has launched in the state of California with seven unique flavors.

The ready to drink Martini is recommended to be served chilled after pouring the Cannabis contents into a the Martini glass for an instant delight. The product which comes in four pack,12-pack and 24 case pack variants is all set to be launched and all the Martini lovers across the world with its reviveing and unique flavor will soon be the future of all martinis cocktails.

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