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What Makes a Bar a Great Bar?

Everyone has a favorite bar, a place that they love because of the quality of the beers/drinks they serve, the ambiance or the location. Also, a lot of people will say that a great bar can be anywhere you are with your friends, whether it is the nicest or thrashiest bar in town. While this may be true in some cases, we believe that a bar needs to meet some criterias in order to be qualified as a great bar and it will be the topic of our latest article. If you are a bar owner, keep on reading. Perhaps the key to tranform your good bar into a great bar lies somewhere in it!


Friendly and Efficient Barmans and Barmaids

Sure, people go to bars to drink, hangout with friends and meet new people. However, they will have multiple interactions with your barmans and barmaids during the night so hiring quality staff is important. Indeed, your customers will remember the service they received from your staff and it will have an impact on whether they will come back and suggest it to their friends or not.

Nice Decoration

Nice decoration helps people to enjoy their time in your bar. Indeed, every bar basically sells the same alcohol except microbreweries so your place needs to differentiate itself in other ways and decoration is one of them. Make sure that your place looks really good while staying true to its vocation and style. Lighting, posters, the type of materials you choose for your walls and floors, etc. are all things that you should consider when decorating your bar.

Great Furniture

Great furniture is also a very important aspect of your bar. After all, people will spend the majority of their time in your establishment sitting on your bar stools, banquettes and chairs. With this fact in mid, you need to purchase high quality furniture that will be both solid and comfortable for your customers. If you are having trouble to find the right furniture for your bar, do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with a furniture manufacturer. He or she will listen to your needs and guide you towards the best furniture in regards to your needs and budget.

This concludes our article on what makes a bar a great bar. We hope that reading our article as inspired you to make changes to your bar to help it achieve greatness!

Bloomsbury Bakers

Cakes, puffs, pastries and all sorts of baking have taken over the dining experience as a dessert is not complete without an ice cream and a cake. Lots of events demand the presence of baking activities, anniversaries, simple celebrations and weddings. There are lots of bakery shops in Singapore; however which one will you choose? Which of the bakeries can build you an empire state building cake or bake something so special and unique that it be an ice breaker at any event you are hosting?


For birthdays and simple gatherings, there are lots of bakery shops scattered all over Singapore that can cater for your needs. They have a variety of flavors and some offer you the option of ordering ahead of time and delivering the birthday cake or any other sort of cake right at your doorstep. Usually they come with standard candles, and can make a spray of the name of your loved ones name on it. If you are seeking for something shaped in a name having 5 or more syllabus, you are likely to find that in a specialty shop for cakes.

Finding a bakery shop for birthday cakes Singapore is an easy task. Many of the good bakery shops have their reputations from reviews sites on the internet.

Bakeries in Singapore have grown beyond just a location to mix flour and add some icing to it; it is now full of creative geniuses and artists who envision the empty tray as having potential for impressiveness. There are many bakeries to choose from, ranging from the simple to the intricate who can cater for simple events to that unforgettable 25th anniversary with that special someone.


Bloomsbury bakers are good at making birthday cakes in Singapore. They enjoy baking pretty, delicious, and unique cakes for customers. They make customized cakes, tarts, desert tables, birthday cakes and have a conducive place for customers to enjoy their bakes.

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