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Award Winning Winemakers Open Up Their Own Winery

The Urban Winery is a community winery dedicated to sharing the art of artisan wine. Sip from a large selection of local and international wines, or discover your palate by tasting wine like the pros. At The Urban Winery, they are dedicated to sharing their love of wine with you.

This project was founded by winemakers Damon and Georgia Callis. Damon is a Marine Corps Veteran, and successful financial planner. Georgia is a nurse at Georgetown Hospital. They also both happen to be longtime award-winning winemakers.

We’d also love to tell you more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative winery and share more pictures of The Urban Winery! Please check out their campaign page here, and thanks so much for your time! urbanwinery

Is Europe’s best beer from Italy?

What is the best craft beer in the world? There are countless “Best Beer this” and “Greatest Beer that” awards and lists, but the best always is subjective. What someone likes is the best, and that depends on their own experience, personal style and taste. Period.
When Enzo Ferrari set out to make the Italian luxurious sport car he obviously wasn’t trying to manufacture a normal car. He set out to make a superior car and did. Ferrari remains one of the worlds greatest sports cars. Is it the best? Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston-Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce like to believe they are. All are superior automobiles. When asked what can one do to improve something, make it better and the answer is “I don’t know” or “nothing” then its safe to label something superior.

Tenute Collesi was established in 1870 but the Collesi family had been farming on the lands for three centuries. It was decades later when Giuseppe Collesi decided he would begin brewing beer on the family Estate.   

Like Enzo Ferrari, Collesi too was not out to produce yet another ordinary beer. He set out to create something superior.  He did, and these are some of the reasons why we believe this.

What does it take to brew homemade beer


Have you ever wondered what does it take to brew homemade beer, make your own wine or even try making hard apple cider? The endless steps involved in the brewing jar selection, requirements, fermentation procedure, several complex chemical additives and such may be frightening at first. Making your own alcoholic beverages at home does not need not be a complicated process as long as you put things in right perspective and stick to the fundamental basic theory. Once you understand all this, you will be able to design your own recipes and brew homemade beer easily, turn apples into hard cider or any fruit juice into wine! If you ever wanted to learn how to make these and are passionate about enchanting taste of homemade alcohol nectars, you can easily start making your own beverages in comfort of your home within only few simple steps and some basic equipment. You can begin your training, or start the process, with a few simple items and little knowledge. Afterwards, you can brew beer like a pro.

There are endless possibilities for techniques, recipes and used equipment that make your homemade beverages actually tasty for yourself and which could make an impression on your friends or family.

If you are new brewer or wine maker, take a shortcut, and take advices from advanced brewers. It will make the job a lot of easier and probably save you some money too. is a website which can guide your through the process of home brewing. With detailed descriptions on how to brew beer, make wine and hard cider. The website also offers in-depth reviews of most popular brewing kits. Besides that, the website offers extra articles such as how to pair food with beer or wine. Let it be your home brewing guide.

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